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Jennifer Brown


Jennifer Brown


Hello! My name is Jennifer Brown. I decided to become a travel agent, because I love helping people make memories of a lifetime!

I love to travel to around the world, but of course, my favorite is anywhere Disney! My passion for Disney started when I was very young. My father took me to Disney World when I was just one year old, and it became a yearly tradition.

I love to talk about my travels, and of course Disney, to anyone that will listen! I have always been told by family & friends that my calling is to help people book their vacations, cause I love it so much!

I am married, have three children, and live on a farm in a very small rural town in Kansas. I am a firm believer that where your from and where you are raised is a big part of your life. But I also tell my children, you need to travel and see what the world has to offer, see what is out there! Find your passion, but don’t forget your roots!

I’m so excited to be given this opportunity to help you plan your next vacation! Email me and we will make you lots of memories to cherish for a lifetime!